Immunising babies and young children

We currently have a limited supply of paid flu immunisations for children aged 5-10 years for $25, and we are still taking bookings for the free government flu immunisations for children 6 months to under 5 years of age and at risk groups.

We offer a free immunisation service to all local children. You can attend any session with a booking.

Immunisation clinics locations and schedules

Your child will need various vaccinations in their first few years of life to protect them against serious infectious diseases. Often more than one injection will be given during each visit.

Children are immunised with the vaccines recommended in the National Immunisation Schedule. This schedule is regularly updated and changed as vaccines are improved. To find out more ask at your immunisation session or talk to your Maternal Child Health nurse.

What to bring to an immunisation session

We recommend you bring:

  • Your child Health Record Book: this helps us look up your child’s details
  • Medicare Card (for 1st visit only, if available)
  • Your child favourite toy or comfort device.

What to expect at a session

When you arrive, collect a number then take a seat.

Preparing paperwork

When your number is called we will ask to see your Health Record Book to:

  • review your child’s immunisation history
  • determine which vaccinations your child is having today
  • update your records
  • record your next immunisation due date recorded in your Health Record Book.

While you wait for immunisation, we ask you to read a pre-immunisation checklist.

Receiving a vaccination

A trained and qualified nurse will administer the vaccination. Now is a good time to ask questions and tell the nurse if your child is unwell or has had any previous problems. You will be told about possible reactions.

Your baby will be vaccinated while sitting on your lap.

Post immunisation

We ask you to stay at the clinic for 15 minutes, just in case your child has a negative reaction to the vaccination.

Side effects and reactions

Common side effects of immunisation are irritability, redness and soreness at the site of injections and mild fever. The nurses can advise you of measures to take to alleviate these symptoms. Where a more serious reaction occurs, you should consult a doctor immediately. We also need feedback on any unusual reactions relating to an immunisation. In general, the normal immune response takes approximately 2 weeks to work, and also most infant immunisations require more than one dose before adequate disease protection can be achieved.

Your immunisation records

We will forward your child’s immunisation records to the National Immunisation Register. This data base is used to process school entry immunisation certificates and family allowances relating to immunisation.

No Jab, No Play

Your child must be immunised to attend a childcare or kindergarten. You will be asked to prove your child is:

  • fully immunised for their age, or
  • on a recognised vaccination catch-up program, or
  • unable to be fully immunised for medical reasons.

Contact us

For more information please contact the Banyule Council Health Department on 9457 9964 or