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2017 Volunteer Awards

On Wednesday 10th May 2017 Council will host the Banyule Volunteer Celebration incorporating presentations for the Banyule Volunteer and Citizen of the Year awards  

The event provides an opportunity to recognise and thank volunteers working in the Banyule community for their contributions to making Banyule a great place to live.   

Held during National Volunteer Week, this popular event includes a three course dinner and entertainment. The MC for 2017 is Denise Scott.

Due to the popularity of this event, places are limited.

Tickets are available until Tuesday 25th April 2017 (or until sold out).

Tickets are $15 each with a 30 cent booking fee per ticket.

Nominees do not need to book tickets as they will be automatically allocated for them.

Terms and conditions

A maximum of 5 tickets per organisation or group can be booked in the Round 1 booking period of 24th March – 25th April 2017.

Tickets are for volunteers, but can include one ticket per group/organisation for a paid staff member.

If you are able to secure extra tickets in the second round, they must all be for volunteers.

Any tickets booked by providing false information or booking multiple times for the one group or program are in breach of the terms and conditions and will result in all tickets been cancelled and monies refunded.

Council reserves the right to limit the number of tickets to any one group/organisation.

Visit the event page to learn more or buy tickets.