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Public Art Collection

Here are a few featured works from Banyule's Public Art collection.  These works were commissioned by Banyule City Council and installed by artists for the community to enjoy.  You may walk past them everyday or you may need to seek them out!

 Public Art in Banyule

1. Wing of the Waa

  • By Andrea Tomaselli
  • Location: Watsonia Library, Ibbottson Street, Watsonia

2. Greensborough War Memorial Park Sculptures (2003)

  • By Leigh Conkie
  • Location: Greensborough War Memorial Park, Henry Steet, Greensborough

3. Untitled (2003)

  • By Andrea Tomaselli
  • Location: Nets Stadium, 2 Somers Avenue, Macleod

4. Sleeping Sentinel

  • By Leigh Conkie
  • Location: Kitchener Reserve, Norman St, Ivanhoe

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