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Art in Public Spaces


Banyule's bi-annual program of ephemeral artworks in public spaces

This program aims to invigorate Banyule’s public spaces, encourages people to experience the arts in unexpected places and to think about the city differently.

Each year we seek to support small, new and original, site-specific art projects. Works are one-off, ephemeral art experiences delivered in a public space within Banyule – a shopping strip, car park, laneway, swimming pool, local park or even a bus stop – it might be anywhere, as long as it's creative. It may be contemporary performance, visual art, digital-media, writing or a combination of art forms. We look for work that is engaging, accessible and invites contemplation. Grants of $1,000 per project are offered in each round.

Projects address the themes of the Pinpoint Program:

  • Local connections – between communities and to place
  • Collaboration
  • Creative enrichment
  • Cultural mapping
  • 2017 specific theme - Water

For more information please contact Hannes Berger (Arts & Cultural Development Officer) on 9457 9913. 

October 2017 Art In Public Spaces projects:

We are pleased to announce the successful Art In Public Spaces projects supported in the October 2017 round:

CONNECT by Jasmine Corbett – ephemeral webs, stitched from colourful textiles, fixed to trees and natural features - in collaboration with 'Transpire'. 
28 October –  30 November – Warringal Parklands (between Possum Hollow and the Stockyards)

TRANSPIRE by Genevieve Thornton – Dozens of ceramic forms reflecting the flora and fauna in the Banyule waterways - in collaboration with 'Web'.
28 October –  30 November – Warringal Parklands (between Possum Hollow and the Stockyards) 

WHAT IF WE IMAGINED URBAN RIVERS WERE DRINKABLE AGAIN?  by Fiona Haasz – an exhibition of photographic images, poetry, interactive performances designed to provoke discussion. 
28 October (12pm - 4pm) – Plenty River Parkland / Montmorency Park (83 Para Road)


Previous Art In Public Spaces projects 

 Web pic 2.jpg             Final 5.jpg

Jacqui Lewis Flow | Greensborough Walk                                 Jessie Stanley Dust to Dust | Greensborough Walk

Teepee 4.jpg             IMG_3882.JPG

Liz Walker & Avis Gardner | Olympic Village Tee Pees              Alice Bennett & Felicity Gordon | Sound Tree | Watsonia Library Community Garden

Yarra-River-Art-Markers_crop.jpg             _MG_9777.jpg 

Chris Humphries Yarra River Markers                                       Briony Galligan Phantosmia | Old Heidelberg Cemetery Heidelberg West