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Pinpoint - Banyule's Creative Map

Banyule’s artistic community is distinctive and diverse - galleries, studios, theatre companies, dance collectives and an array of visual artists, writers, musicians and performing artists call our city home.  We want to celebrate and promote this arts culture – to put it on the map - and so we have created Pinpoint – Banyule’s Creative Map accessible via

Pinpoint is a searchable online portfolio of Banyule’s creative talent, providing a way for the wider community to access and engage with artists and makers. 

Pinpoint artists can include information about their medium, interests, level of experience and submit samples of their work.  Visitors to Pinpoint will then be able to search for artists based on these categories which will make it simple to match artists to specific projects and requirements. 

So, if you have skills in teaching workshops or classes then anyone looking for an artist to run an event will be able to find you and offer you the gig. Or, if a filmmaker and a musician are interested in collaborating on a new project then you’ll be able to find each other via Pinpoint. Or maybe a gallery or art collector will be looking for a particular style and will be able to access your work through Pinpoint rather than a random google search.

If you are a practicing artist and would like to be considered for inclusion on Pinpoint, please click here and upload your profile.



 Event Postponed

The Pinpoint Professional Development - Event Management Workshop scheduled for
27 April has been postponed until June.

Details to follow in the coming weeks.