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Hatch Contemporary Arts Space


Hatch Contemporary Arts Space is Banyule’s premiere art gallery. The aim of Hatch is to present a range of temporary exhibitions, performances, workshops, poetry readings, and more. Hatch is also a space to showcase the Banyule Art Collection, as well as providing a valuable resource for local artists. Hatch is managed by the Arts and Cultural Services team and relies on the Hatch Advisory Group for programming advice. It is currently programmed intermittently so please check what’s on before planning your next visit.

Location: 14 Ivanhoe Parade, Ivanhoe, VIC 3079

Tel: (03) 9490 4370

Postal Address: Art Curator, PO Box 94 Greensborough, Victoria, 3088

Hatch Contemporary Arts Space is open only when there is an exhibition on

Gallery Opening Times: Tuesday - Saturday, 10am-5pm

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Exhibitions 2017

Performance Week @ Hatch

Performance Week_logo-web.jpg

A micro-festival of live performance!
Wednesday 20 - Friday 22 September 2017

Music, theatre, dance, spoken word, cabaret, comedy...for 3 nights in September, Hatch Contemporary Arts Space will be transformed into a hive of live performance-based events.

Come along to support our local artists and enjoy some free entertainment!

Free entry, All Welcome!  Please book your seats online here.

Spread the word, and share this event with your friends:


Open call to all performers who live, work or play in Banyule.
$250 in prizes awarded to the best performances on Thursday and Friday nights!  
Apply HERE to perform.

Program of Events:

Wednesday 20 September 7PM
Performing Arts Forum

Featuring a performance of the original production, Woman Implodes by Rebecca Cook.
Followed by a conversation about the future of performance spaces in Banyule.

Thursday 21 September 7PM
Comedy & Spoken Word

Calling all spoken word performers!
Open mic night for comedy, poetry, dramatic monologues and everything spoken word.
Please apply to perform.

Friday 22 September 7PM
Musical Performances

Calling all musical performers!
Open mic night for musicians, singers, small ensembles, choirs, small bands, and sound artists.
Please apply to perform.


Previous Exhibitions


STATES OF BEING - The elemental importance of water

Naked Retinas_Carolyn Lewens.jpg             

(Naked Retinas by Carolyn Lewens)

Opening Night: Wednesday 9th August 2017
Exhibition Dates: 10 August – 9 September 2017

Exhbition curated by Dr Anne Bennett

Featuring works by:
Rosemary Crosthwaite
Carolyn Lewens
Kari Henriksen
Anne Bennett
Jill Orr
Lynne Boyd
Fiona Murphy
John R Neeson
Graham Brindley

To be opened by Bronwyn Johnson (Executive Director CLIMARTE)

This visually stunning exhibition, featuring painting, drawing, photomedia, ceramic installation, video projections and tapestry highlights the elemental importance of water in the environment and to human being.

In visualising the natural grandeur and subtle shifts in diverse terrain from the ocean’s depths, fresh waterways, misty glaciers, through to drought-prone regions, each artist in their unique way highlights the gravity of pressing ecological and existential changes, whilst also implicating significant shifts in our psychological and philosophical states.

To download a copy of the invite/event flyer, click here.

Kari Henriksen.jpg

Shifting Skies (still from video projection) by Kari Henriksen




Hatch Contemporary Arts Space presents a mid-winter event, bringing together three further explorations of water.

Join us for the opening event: Wednesday 21 June, 6-8pm

Exhibition Dates: 22 June - 22 July 2017



Ceramics and glassware from the Banyule Art Collection.


Video artwork observing birds and animals that stop by a backyard watering hole.

FLUIDITY - by Amanda Peluso and Teresa Flynn

A collaborative installation of textile hangings and paintings interpreting the textures, patterns and rhythms of Banyule's waterways and landscapes. 

Vessels_image.jpg  Visiting Neighbours_image.jpg

(Image Credit: Pour Slowly Into Me (1996) detail, by Rosslynd Piggott)


Nhalinggu Bagung (Come Gather)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Exhibition

Nhalinggu Bagung_Website image_2017.jpg


Banyule is fortunate to have a strong and creative First Nations artist community. This exhibition brings together and celebrates the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living, or are involved in the community within Banyule.

This exhibition will feature a range of Aboriginal artworks and styles, with the artists drawing on their own experiences and Dreamings.  

Opening Night: Wednesday 24th May, 6-8pm

Exhibition Dates: 25 May - 10 June 2017

Program of Reconciliation Week events here.


Water and Climate Change

An exhibition of art for environmental sustainability, featuring new and original works by:

Alice Bennett
Felicity Gordon
Textile Art Community


Turbulence is a creative response to global climate change and environmental sustainability. Banyule-based artists from the Textile Art Community, sound artist Alice Bennett and environmental artist Felicity Gordon have collaborated to create an immersive art installation using salvaged and recycled materials. The exhibition’s theme is water, focusing on Banyule’s waterways and natural environmental processes of decay, renewal and regrowth. In an unsettling time of increased concern about our natural environment, art can be a catalyst for positive engagement and change as we navigate the unknown.

This exhibition is supported by the Banyule Environment Advisory Committee, and will be accompanied by a public program of free events, talks and workshops.
Please check back here for details of events as they become available.

Opening Night: Wednesday 29 March, 6-8pm. 

Exhibition Dates: 30 March - 13 May 2017

Download a copy of the invite here.

_MG_3649.JPG  _MG_3651.JPG  _MG_3662.JPG

_MG_3687.JPG  _MG_3690.JPG  _MG_3665.JPG

Atmospheres & Environments

Landscape Art from the Banyule Art Collection together with a "Photographic Exploration of Water" by Ivanhoe Photographic Society

Landscape Exhibition pic2.jpg

(image contains text overlaid on original artwork by:
Domenico de Clario, Kinglake Landscape (1981), from the Banyule Art Collection)

Please join us on the Opening Night:Wednesday 8 February, 6-8pm. 

Exhibition Dates: 9 February - 11 March 2017

The Banyule Art Collection is a contemporary collection of artworks by emerging and leading Australian artists.

The theme for Council’s 2017 Arts & Culture Program is ‘water’. To kick things off, the first exhibition for 2017 presents an aesthetic experience of the natural environment through a selection of artworks from the Banyule Art Collection, and a photographic exploration of water by Ivanhoe Photographic Society.

 Download a copy of the invite here.

 _MG_3637.JPG  _MG_3603.JPG  _MG_3591.JPG

 _MG_3643.JPG  _MG_3640.JPG  _MG_3637.JPG


Pinpoint - The Banyule Contemporary Art Fair 



14 September - 12 November 2016

The second installment of our biennial exhibition of contemporary art dedicated to presenting the works of creative artists living and working in Banyule.

Featuring works by nine Banyule-based contemporary artists: Rushdi Anwar, Anne Bennett, John Billan, Anna Farago, Brady Freeman, Irianna Kanellopoulou, Helen Macqueen, Jodi Wiley, Anthony Williams. 

 IMG_5523.JPG  FullSizeRender.jpg    IMG_5333.JPG


 A few lines of the history, 2011- 2015, Photograph print treated with smoke on board, nstallation dimensions variable REDUCED..jpg  AnneBennett_MakingOfMeaningFormation&Transformation_2016_Highres_DSC_3826 CROP.jpg  sound mirror smaller.tif 
  Rushdi Anwar                                        Anne Bennett                                                 John Billan                                         

 farago_1 REDUCED.jpg    Brady Freeman Flowers REDUCED.jpg           Judy in disguise.jpg            HELEN MACQUEEN.jpg
Anna Farago                           Brady Freeman                  Irianna Kanellopoulou        Helen Macqueen                             

 JodiWiley_CloseToHome.jpeg  clone machine-anthony williams-oil and spray paint on linen-160cm x 132cm REDUCED.jpg
  Jodi Wiley                      Anthony Williams


Impressions - Print Making Exhibition


Image: Angela Cavalieri's 'Isola' from the Banyule Art Collection 

28 July - 27 August 2016  

The Banyule Art Collection is a contemporary collection of art works by leading and emerging Australian artists. While it includes a range of media, it is distinguished by its collection of works on paper, many of which are print artworks. In 2016, the Print Council of Australia is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, with the “Year of Print”. In support of this milestone,  this exhibition showcasd the many fine examples of printmaking from the Banyule Art Collection.

IMG_4974.JPG  FullSizeRender.jpg  IMG_4867.JPG


Banyule Art Salon


22 June - 16 July 2016 

An exhibition celebrating the artistic talents of Banyule residents.  There was an open call for entries from all artists who live in Banyule, to have their artworks exhibited at Hatch Contemporary Arts Space.  This exhibition provided a survey of the array of talent hidden within Banyule, and provided local artists with a great opportunity to exhibit in a professional space.

 _MG_3374.JPG IMG_3187.JPG IMG_3194.JPG

 IMG_3232 (1).jpg IMG_3222.JPG IMG_3127 - Copy.JPG

Image Below: Cr. Craig Langdon awarding Nadine Dudek with the People's Choice Award for her painting "Barred Owl".

_MG_3354 (Nadine).jpg

Banyule Art Salon - Solo Performance Night

2016 Banyule Art Salon - Performance Night_background image.jpg  IMG_4620.JPG  IMG_4625.JPG

IMG_4657.JPG  IMG_4647.JPG  IMG_4674.JPG


Nhalinggu Bagung (Come Gather) - An exhibition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art 



21 April - 4 June 2016

This exhibition brought together and celebrated the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living, or are involved in community within Banyule.

It showcased the diversity of art and culture of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, communicated the meaning of the different art forms from different countries, told the stories of each country, and told the stories of the artists' personal journeys.

_MG_2807 (2).JPG  IMG_1635.JPG  _MG_2847.JPG

IMG_2860.JPG  IMG_2730 (1).jpg  IMG_2796.JPG


Create from a Crate - Upcycling Woodwork Exhibition


3 March - 2 April 2016

The biennial Create from a Crate competition and exhibition brings together some of Australia's most talented woodworkers, designers and artists, who have risen to the challenge of making a beautiful object or furniture from two rough and discarded timber pallets.

Designed to shine a spotlight on the environmental impact of timber packaging waste, the biennial Create from a Crate Exhibition will demonstrate that waste timbers can be a valuable resource material when handled by skilled craftspeople.  

Create from a Crate is a collaboration between The Victorian Woodworkers Association and timber packaging recycler, Waste Converters.  Exhibition supported by Banyule City Council, Hatch Contemporary Arts Space and Effective Freight Management.


 _MG_2469.JPG  _MG_2455.JPG 

 wooden bag.jpg chair.jpg andrew potocnik_2.jpg


The 2015 Banyule Award for Works on Paper Finalists' Exhibition 

14 October - 12 December 2015  

The Banyule Award for Works on Paper is a $4000 acquisitive prize awarded biennially to an outstanding contemporary work on paper.

The Banyule Art Collection is a contemporary collection of art works by leading and emerging Australian artists. While it includes a range of media it is distinguished by its collection of works on paper. The Banyule Award for Works on Paper capitalises upon this strength by developing this aspect of the collection further.

In 2015, the curatorial theme for the Banyule Award is In Space and each artwork reflects the artist’s personal interpretation of this theme.

Congratulations to the Winner of the 2015 Banyule Award for Works on Paper: Simon Finn, for his work Steady State Intervention (2015).


WINNER.jpg   Award2.jpg

In_Space002.jpg  In_Space2.jpg  In_Space209.jpg    

In_Space111.jpg  In_Space182.jpg  In_Space215.jpg

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