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Kids ArtyFarty Fest Grand Parade 2019

Sun 18 March - Sun 18 March | 10:00AM - 11:00AM

Venue: Burgundy Street, Heidelberg 3084 Cost: FREE

The Grand Parade kicks off the Kids ArtyFarty Fest each year with a flourish of colour and movement, and invites the community to 'get their spectacle on'!

Sunday 17 March 2019
10am - 11am
Burgundy Street, Heidelberg 3084

Marching down Burgundy Street into Sills Bend, the Grand Parade provides a lively opportunity to bring Banyule's diverse groups together in a celebration of creativity, community and childhood!

Sponsored by The Heidelberg Central Traders, the Grand Parade is a family-friendly affair and welcomes participation from community organisations, schools, sporting clubs, businesses and any group in Banyule keen to embrace the spirit of community connectedness and creative imagination.

Grand Parade 2018 Snapshot

Held on Sunday 18 March 2018, the parade theme was Multicultural Stories & Characters.
The 2018 theme celebrates that the world is full of amazing stories. Every culture on every continent in every era has told tales reflecting the knowledge, wisdom, social practices and beliefs of the people who tell them. These stories entertain and inspire us, they guide and challenge us.

These stories are inhabited by the most incredible cast of characters – the Trickster, the Hero, the Sage, the Villain, the Jester, the Deities and Spirits.
While the character types might be similar, the details and surroundings differ according to where and who the storyteller is.

Grand Parade 18.1.jpg     Grand Parade 18.2.jpg     Grand Parade 18.3.jpg

In this years parade, we encouraged participants to create the most imaginative collection of traditional (and not so traditional) characters that honour the stories and cultures they below to. The parade marched down Burgundy Street in a celebration of cultural festivity!

Prizes are awarded for entries in the parade under the following categories:

  • Most Creative Entry
  • Best Themed Entry
  • Most Colourful Entry
  • Best School Entry
  • Best Community Entry
  • Judges Choice


Grand Parade 2017 Snapshot

In 2017 the theme was The Water Cycle and the parade attracted over 1000 people and 30 groups marched.
Grand Parade 17.1.jpg     Grand Parade 17.3.jpg      Grand Parade 17.2.jpg   


Grand Parade 2016 Snapshot

Dreams of the Future was the Grand Parade theme in 2016 and the creativity was flowing with an abundance of different interpretations and imaginations running wild.
Grand Parade 16.2.jpg     Grand Parade 16.1.jpg      Grand Parade 16.3.jpg     


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Event Location

 Burgundy Street
Heidelberg 3084
-37.756112, 145.065517
Burgundy Street Heidelberg Victoria 3084

Kids ArtyFarty Fest Grand Parade 2019

Burgundy Street Heidelberg 3084

Map with address  Burgundy Street Heidelberg 3084