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Banyule Arts & Culture Program

2018 Arts & Culture Program

2018 Arts & Culture Program

Theme: Finding Common Ground

In 2018, the Banyule Arts and Culture program will celebrate and explore our community’s cultural diversity. The theme ‘finding common ground’ will provide a framework for our entire 2018 program. It provides an opportunity to celebrate the existing artistic talent in our Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities, people from rich cultural backgrounds with much to offer their new homeland.

The 2018 program has been developed through a partnership with Council’s Multicultural Advisory Committee, and incorporates a range of projects selected through a formal expression of interest process throughout 2017.


2019 Arts & Culture Program


In 2019, Banyule's Arts & Culture Program theme will celebrate the idea of our community being like a forest of people, a community of trees that are diverse but connected together. There will be a particular focus on engaging with young people. Young people engaged with our Youth Services Team will provide the framework for our entire 2019 program, and create a colourful program of artistic and community events. We love the idea of celebrating all the different people that make up our community.

We love the idea of celebrating all the different people that make up our community.

The key themes will explore these ideas:

  • We are grounded, we are deeper than we look , don’t judge just by what you see,
  • There is a lot going on underneath. Roots run deep.
  • We are all different, heights, colors, shapes, backgrounds, gender diversity, experiences,
  • We are connected like branches reaching out, searching, embracing,
  • We can be as strong as a web, connected and resilient when together and supported

2019 Banyule Arts & Culture Program Launch Party

Join us for a party to wrap up a bumper year of Arts & Culture in Banyule, and be the first to see what we have in store for you in 2019!
With a focus on Youth and Young People, the night is an all ages event to celebrate the 2019 Arts & Culture Program which is exciting and full of innovative ideas.
We hope to see you on Friday 7 December 2018, 6pm - 8pm.