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2018 Banyule Arts & Culture Program - Call for Expressions of Interest

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Last year, for the first time ever, we proposed a conceptual theme for the Arts and Culture Program, and invited people to submit expressions of interest to be considered for inclusion in the program. We received a great response from our local community, and the 2017 Banyule Arts & Culture Program was developed.

2018 Arts & Culture Program call out for expressions of interest

Theme: Finding Common Ground

In 2018, the Banyule Arts and Culture program will celebrate and explore our community’s cultural diversity. The theme ‘finding common ground’ will provide a framework for our entire 2018 program. It provides an opportunity to celebrate the existing artistic talent in our Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities, people from rich cultural backgrounds with much to offer their new homeland. Is there a workshop you would like to run; perhaps a short or long term residency to develop an idea; or community project you just need a space to explore? 

We also welcome submissions which more laterally approach the theme – perhaps projects which explore a search for meaning, or the experience of isolation. Use it as an opportunity to build partnerships in your community or just an excuse for a street party! Whatever your ideas we would love to hear them. We won’t be able to support everything, but we might ‘find common ground’ between your project and another and at the very least promote it as a part of our program.

How and where your ideas could be applied

Engage with our Festivals & Events

We have an existing suite of much loved festivals, which attract thousands of people from across Banyule and beyond. We have program opportunities which include dance, music, visual arts and installations. Tell us how you might like to join in.

Hatch Contemporary Arts Space

Hatch is a professional gallery with several flexible spaces. We curate four major exhibitions each year and are inviting proposals for exhibitions and other artistic presentations to complement our program. We welcome proposals for performances, rehearsals, workshops, installations, filming, residencies etc.


Each year, we run a program inviting artists to highlight places in Banyule through ephemeral artwork. Recent projects have seen art in our parks, in our leisure facilities, on public transport and on the streets. Surprise us! Perhaps you have skills you would like to share. We would love to know what you can offer to our professional development program.

Seed ideas

Sometimes an idea just needs some fertile soil. Send us your thoughts in their rawest form. Perhaps we might be thinking along the same lines; it might be as simple as connecting you to others with similar ideas; we might be able to connect you with a space or a community; assist you with promotion or marketing; direct you to potential funding sources; or partner with you to make it happen.

Wall Painting.jpg

'Water Mural' painted on the wall at Hatch Contemporary Arts Space by guests at the Launch of the 2017 Program.