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Banyule Arts and Cultural Committee

The Banyule Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee (BACAC) has been established to formally engage with the local community on the strategic direction of arts and cultural development within Banyule. The BACAC will operate a number of working groups which support specific goals and initiatives of the 2017 – 2021 Arts Plan. The BACAC and its working groups will provide a formal mechanism for Council to consult with key stakeholders, seek specialist advice and enable community participation in arts and cultural planning and development. This structure aims to streamline meeting processes and provide opportunities for a range of levels of engagement with our arts and cultural program.

The working groups will include:

  • Hatch Contemporary Arts Space Working Group
  • Malahang Festival Working Group
  • Twilight Sounds & Kids Arty Farty Festival Working Group *
  • Art Collection Working Group*
  • Public Art Working Group*
  • Pinpoint Artist Network Working Group*

* These groups are at varying stages of development and are still to establish full terms of reference.

The BACAC provides high level strategic advice regarding arts and culture in Banyule and formal processes of engagement with Council through Councillor participation in meetings, the noting of its minutes at Council Meetings and the capacity to present recommendations and requests to Council. It operates according to an adopted Terms of Reference. It is the overarching strategic committee which will have representatives on the Working Groups or receive reports and information from council officers responsible for each Working Group.  

The Working Groups are more ‘hands on’ and operate at an operational level - contributing directly to the planning, management and delivery of the arts, culture and heritage program. Council officers will facilitate and administer the Working Groups.

If you would like further information about the BACAC or its Working Groups please do not hesitate to contact Colin James, Arts & Cultural Services Team Leader - 9457 9931.