Update details for your rates notice

If you own property in Banyule and you change your name, mailing address or buy or sell a property, we need to know. Update your details so we can ensure you receive your rates notice, any other correspondence, and avoid interest charges for late payment of rates.

New postal address

If you are an individual or company and have changed your name or mailing address, it is important that you let us know so we can make sure your rates notice and correspondence finds you.

Change of name

If you are an individual or company and you have changed your name, please let us know.

Change your name or address details

Buying or selling a property

When a property is bought or sold, we need to know who should receive the rates notice.

If you have bought or sold a property in Banyule complete the Change of Ownership Notification form(PDF, 255KB).

Alternatively the conveyancer you have hired for the sale/purchase will send through a notice of acquisition on your behalf. If this has not occurred please contact your conveyancer directly to chase this up.

Contact us

For more information about rates, please contact the Rates team on 9490 4222 or 9490 4280.