Rates notices by email

Sign up to receive rate notices for your property via email.

Depending on the rating cycle, you may receive 1 final paper rates notice before changing to email delivery.


If you want to receive notices by email for multiple properties, you need to repeat the registration steps for each property.


To receive your rates notice by email complete the registration form.

You will need:

  • a current email address
  • information from your rates notice
  • to accept the terms of use.

Register to receive email notices

Confirm your email

To make sure the email address supplied is valid, an email will be sent to you within 10 minutes of registering. 
Follow the prompts in the email to confirm your email address.

Can't find any relevant email? Check your spam/junk mail folders and add enquiries@banyule.vic.gov.au to your email address book.

You're all set

Monitor your email inbox as usual, as you will receive rates notices for the property registered.


If you have registered to receive notices for multiple properties, you need to unsubscribe for each property as relevant.

Have an old email from us, with a notice attached?
Best to follow the unsubscribe link in the email.

Find your property rates notice

Take note of the assessment number at the top of your notice.

Complete the unsubscribe form

Unsubscribe from email notices