Paying your rates

Paying your rates is easy. Simply follow the steps described on this page to pay your rates and keep a record of the online payment for yourself.

To apply for rates assistance, exemption of interest and financial hardship, complete our financial hardship application.

If you are experiencing hardship caused by the economic impact of COVID-19 you can apply for a $250 or $500 partial waiver on your rates. Complete the COVID-19 hardship application form to apply.

Pay online

Step 1.Be prepared

To pay online there are details you need to have handy:

  • Rates and valuation notice
  • a valid Visa or Mastercard

Step 2.Confirm the assessment number

To access and pay your account online you will be asked to provide the property assessment number.

You will find the property assessment number in the top right hand corner of your rates notice. We have highlighted where you can find the property assessment number on your rates notice on the following image.

Circled, the assessment number appearing in the top right 3rd of the notice, found after the issue date and before the due date. If you require further assistance in understanding your notice, please call us on:Area code (03) 9 4 9 0 4 2 2 2

Step 3.Process your payment

Follow the prompts on screen.

When you're asked to provide an account number, provide the assessment number for the property.

Pay your rates now

Banyule council will not charge any transaction fees for this payment.

Step 4.After payment is complete

Print your receipt, take a screen grab or write down the details for your records.

Direct debit

Step 1.Be prepared

You can arrange to pay your rates by direct debit, or change your arrangement by completing the form on this page. However you will need to have some things ready before you start.

  • property rates notice
  • bank account details
  • frequency and size of instalment amounts

Step 2.Complete the application form 

What can you do with this form?

You can use this form to arrange weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments or the instalment amount on its due date. You will continue to receive an annual account at the beginning of each financial year, and your payments are automatically deducted on the dates you select from your nominated account.

You keep complete control

You can change your payment arrangements at any time. When needed, submit this form again to update your direct debit schedule three working days before the next deduction date of your existing schedule.

Direct debit is only available from a savings or cheque account. Credit cards are not accepted.

Click here to view form.

Other payment options

Paying with BPAY

With BPAY, you can receive, pay and store your rates notices in your online banking account.

Learn more about setting up BPAY with your bank.

By phone

In person at


Organise to have your rates payments deducted from your Centrelink benefit or payment.

Contact Centrelink to arrange.

By mail

Post your cheque or money order to:

Banyule City Council
PO Box 94
Greensborough VIC 3088