Naming local roads and places

Appropriate names help us to find locations, to deliver goods or services, and are an important part of Banyule's cultural heritage.

We carry out the formal process for naming and renaming for roads and features, as the naming authority within the municipality.

Naming requests for places, features, localities and roads in Banyule must adhere to:

Read the Banyule Council Road and Place Naming Framework

Request a name

You can request a place or road be named or renamed. All requests must be in writing and include:

  • background information and the reason for the proposal
  • contact details of the proposer(s), and information concerning support from members or groups of the community.

Naming requests can be made by contacting us at:

Contact us

Before submitting a request you can speak with our Property Services team on 9490 4222 to discuss your naming proposal.