Banyule service promise

Council is committed to providing a high standard of consistent service to our community and customers.

Our service promise outlines:

  • our commitment to you on the type and level of service you can expect to receive
  • your rights
  • how complaints will be handled
  • our customer service principles.

Read the full Banyule Service Promise

Our service principles

  • Respectful: we have respectful relationships with all people
  • Accessible: we provide customer service that is accessible to all
  • Proactive: we are proactive when providing appropriate and accurate information about services
  • Accountable: we are transparent and deliver on our commitments
  • Consistent: we provide a consistent high-quality customer experience across Banyule’s services

Timeframes for services

Our response times:

  • acknowledgement: within 24 hours delivery;
  • return phone calls: within 1 business day;
  • in writing: we aim to respond within 10 business days. If a full reply is not possible then you will be notified of a timeframe for response and a contact person;
  • complaints: we will acknowledge your complaint within 10 business days, tell you who is handling your enquiry, and how long it will take. We aim to resolve all complaints within 28 days. If it will take longer, we will tell you why. Find out more about our complaints management process; and
  • Service routines and timeframes: we will tell you how long our processes and services may take. Read our standard service timeframes(PDF, 93KB).

Help us deliver great customer service

We want to provide you with the best possible customer service: you can help us by doing the following:

  • provide accurate and complete information
  • provide us with a clear understanding of the issue focusing on the facts of your request
  • treat our staff and others with courtesy and respect
  • work with us to reach a resolution
  • tell us if you need help in accessing our services or information
  • advise us if your details change
  • Talk to us if you are not happy or pass on a compliment about a service or matter
  • provide contact details to help us keep you informed.