FOI request form

Use this form to requested documents under FOI.

Before you apply

What documents are available?

The Act provides you:

  • the right to access documents about your personal affairs and the activities of government agencies; and
  • the right to request that incorrect or misleading information held by an agency about you be amended or removed.

What documents are exempt from FOI requests?

We can refuse access to certain documents, including:

  • law enforcement documents
  • confidential matters considered by Council
  • some internal working documents
  • documents covered by legal professional privilege such as legal advice
  • documents containing personal information about other people
  • documents containing commercial-in-confidence information or trade secrets
  • information obtained in confidence
  • personal details of others.

This should not deter you from asking for access as each document is assessed on its merits before a decision is made.

How long does it take?

We have 30 days after we receive your request to provide a final decision. This is extended by 15 days if consultation is required under the Act.

We must consult with individuals and businesses whose name appear in documents that are to be released. Consultation is required to gain their views on the disclosure of their personal information, and is a requirement of the Act.

In the case where an individual or business objects to the release of their information and the FOI officer makes a decision to release the documents, an additional 60 days holding time applies. This gives the objector 60 days to appeal the FOI officer’s decision as required by the Act.

How much does it cost?

Each FOI application costs $30.10, and can be paid for online at the end of this form.

To pay in person with credit card, cash, cheque or money order at any of our customer service centres, you must complete the hard copy version of this form and bring it with you. Do not complete this online form as well.

FOI form(PDF, 43KB)

Additionally, there are access charges that may apply to your request. If the estimated charges exceed $50.00, you will be asked to pay an access charges deposit.

Access charge Amount
Search $22.50 per hour or part of an hour
Supervision $5.60 per quarter hour
Photocopying 20c per black and white A4 page
Access in a form other than photocopying Reasonable costs incurred by providing the copy
Listening to or viewing a tape Reasonable costs incurred in arranging to listen to or view (supervision charges also apply)
Making a written transcript out of a tape Reasonable costs incurred in providing the written transcript


Apply online

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, email is currently the only method to receive information.

Click here to view form.

Asking for a review of an unsuccessful application

You can ask for a review if we refuse your application. Your request must be made in writing within 28 days to:

Victorian Information Commissioner
Freedom of Information Reviews
PO Box 24274
Melbourne, VIC 3001