Service highlights: Best Value

Our Best Value Highlights Report provides a snapshot of the performance of Banyule services in line with the objectives of the Council PlanIt supports Council's Annual Report and our commitment to reporting how we apply the 6 Best Value principles. 

The Best Value principles in line with the Local Government Act 1989 are:

  • Regular community consultation
  • Responsiveness to community needs
  • Accessible and appropriately targeted services
  • Quality and cost standards for all services
  • Continuous improvement
  • Frequent reporting to the community 

Our lastest report covers the following for each service:

  • Key performance indicator results (KPIs)
  • Key highlights for the year
  • Future challenges for the year ahead

Read the latest highlights report(PDF, 3MB)

Historical reports

Our 3 most recent highlight reports can be found in the listing of Plans and strategies.