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The plan provides a five year strategy to guide and promote economic activity and growth in the municipality. Its vision is for Banyule to be a prosperous local economy, responding positively to challenges and new opportunities, and where individuals are supported to reach their economic potential and forged business relationships across the community.

The four strategic objectives of the plan reflect the principal current and emerging priorities within Banyule: vibrant precincts, business support, investment and attraction, and leadership and partnerships.

This strategy is a first in local government: activating and enhancing the Victorian Government’s Social Enterprise Strategy at the local level. It pioneers a new place-based model of community and economic development that will build on our existing momentum and strategically lead the development of the social enterprise sector through four 4 areas:

  1. Advance place-based social enterprise innovation.
  2. Build business capacity and capability.
  3. Improve market access.
  4. Increase community awareness and engagement.

Our Best Value Highlights Report provides a snapshot of the performance of Banyule services in line with the objectives of the Council Plan. It supports Council's Annual Report and our commitment to reporting how we apply the 6 Best Value principles.

The Best Value principles in line with the Local Government Act 1989 are:

  • Regular community consultation
  • Responsiveness to community needs
  • Accessible and appropriately targeted services
  • Quality and cost standards for all services
  • Continuous improvement
  • Frequent reporting to the community 

We have started to transition to, and incorporate, new legislative requirements for reporting in our Council Plan, our Budget, our Annual Report and the Community Vision as set in the Local Government Act 2020.

The Best Value Service Highlights report for 2020/2021 is within the Annual Report 2020/2021: Part 1 Report of Operations – 'Our Best Value Performance' section.

Historical reports

As we begin to see the impacts of COVID-19 unfold, we recognise that an even greater number of people will experience unemployment and face economic hardship. Those who faced disadvantage prior to this pandemic, now face even greater challenges. With unemployment rates expected to continue to rise, the pandemic is challenging us to think and work in new ways.

This strategy is a first for us and pioneers a new place-based model of community and economic development that harnesses our role to create local job outcomes for local people experiencing barriers to employment.

Informed by community consultation and evidenced best practice, this strategy sets our agenda to:

  1. stimulate inclusive employment opportunities
  2. strengthen pathways to employment
  3. grow business and entrepreneurship
  4. advance inclusive employment practices across the local government sector and private sector.

We are committed to the safety and well-being of children and the prevention of child abuse. Reducing and removing the risk of child abuse is at the centre of our decision-making. We are committed to providing an environment where children feel safe, are empowered, valued and protected. Children will be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, ethnicity and cultural and socio-economic background.

Council is made up of a diverse workforce of just over 1000 employees across many different work areas. The Gender Equality Action Plan 2021-2025 (GEAP) is the result of extensive consultation and collaboration with our workforce and other key stakeholders. Our GEAP complements our broader diversity, equity and inclusion efforts to foster a work environment where all employees can fully and equally participate, pursue their aspirations and achieve their goals without being inhibited by gender-based bias or other forms of discrimination.

The achievement of gender equality in all areas of life, including employment, is critical to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and communities. Countries with higher levels of gender equality experience social benefits and lower levels of gender-based violence. Family and gendered violence is a widespread problem in Australia and a serious violation of human rights. We remain committed to playing our part in reducing family and gendered violence, and our GEAP will supplement our family violence prevention and community inclusion work as articulated in our Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2021-25 (incorporated into our Council Plan 2021-25) and Inclusive Banyule 2022-26 (at draft stage, April 2022).

The GEAP is an obligation arising from the Gender Equality Act 2020. The plan as published may be subject to change following feedback from the Gender Equality Commission.

We respond to calls daily that requires compassion, effective communication and patience as they provide advice, education and assistance. 

While we have the responsibility of administering the relevant legislation, we also promote responsible pet ownership, provide supportive programs and meet community expectations.

This plan is our base to provide high quality animal services and programs now and into the future.

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