Councillors and their role

The main role of a councillor is to:

  • determine policy
  • set objectives and strategic directions
  • ensure that Council services meet community needs
  • monitor the performance of the Council organisation.

A councillor does this by:

  • talking to the community
  • advocating for the whole community
  • having a working knowledge of large budgets and a complex organisation
  • understanding a diverse range of social, environmental, management and development issues.

Before starting the job, people who are elected to be councillors must do 3 things:

  • take the oath of office
  • read the Council’s Councillor Code of Conduct
  • agree to abide by the Council’s Councillor Code of Conduct.

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The current councillors

Tom Melican

Mayor: Ibbott ward

  • Telephone0413043015
  • Email
  • ProfileHonestly and integrity are some of my key principles, and ensuring that every decision made by Council supports local residents rather than political biases or self-interest. To be an effective Council, it is important that all councillors’ opinions and ideals are respected.

Peter Castaldo

Councillor: Griffin ward

  • Telephone0466502698
  • Email
  • ProfileDuring my first term at Council, we achieved a great deal for the local community and city-wide and I still feel there are many opportunities where we can make a positive difference.

Alison Champion

Councillor: Sherbourne ward

  • Telephone0466486593
  • Email
  • ProfileThis is my 2nd term as councillor and my 1st representing the new Sherbourne Ward. During this time, what has become evident is the incredible collaboration we have at Banyule, among the councillors, staff and the community.

Peter Dimarelos

Councillor: Olympia ward

  • Telephone0434891065
  • Email
  • ProfileRaising a young family, I have seen how important it is for Council to provide good facilities for the community. There is a need for more mini-parks, playgrounds, and shade sails to cater for the growing number of families that come together and get so much enjoyment from these.

Rick Garotti

Grimshaw ward

  • Telephone0490014965
  • Email
  • ProfileThis is my third consecutive term as councillor and, as a Finance Director for a large health service, I utilise my financial experience to ensure sound management of Council's services and infrastructure while minimising rate increases.

Fiona Mitsinikos

Councillor: Hawdon ward

  • Telephone0434891077
  • Email
  • ProfileIt’s vital for wellbeing that we connect with fellow Banyule neighbours and those we share similar interests with. Creating a close-knit community spirit and bringing residents together with events and initiatives is extremely important.

Alida McKern

Councillor: Chelsworth ward

  • Telephone0435316318
  • Email
  • ProfileOur community’s values are reflected in my priorities for a leafy, locally connected, safe and prosperous Banyule: led with competency and care for its community, environment, and local businesses.

Elizabeth Nealy

Councillor: Beale ward

  • Telephone0435243598
  • Email
  • ProfileMy vision for Banyule is that residents come first, and Council does all it can to support everyone on their journey – from infancy to becoming elderly – so that they can thrive. We must ensure community groups, local business and residents have access to continued support during and post-COVID-19.

Mark Di Pasquale

Councillor: Bakewell ward

  • Telephone0481002299
  • Email
  • ProfileI stand for sustainability, liveability and opportunity for everyone. Every decision must be made looking towards the future and not looking back. My top priority is that ratepayers get the maximum value for their rate dollar.

Councillor Code of Conduct

The Councillor Code of Conduct outlines what our mayor and councillors may and may not do as a Council representative. It covers various areas of professional conduct and details the standards of behaviour expected of councillors in their interactions with other councillors, our staff and the public. It also explains procedures for dealing with conflicts that may occur.

Read our Councillor Code of Conduct or ask to see it at one of our customer service centres.

Councillor Expense Policy

This policy guides how we reimburse out-of-pocket expenses for councillors and members of our delegates committees.

It sets out:

  • resources available to councillors to help them to do their job
  • reporting requirements: councillors must report on their attendance at any interstate or overseas conferences or visits.

Read our Councillor Expense Policy.

Councillor Gift Policy

This policy sets out our standards and procedures for responding to gift and hospitality offers. It applies to all Banyule City Council councillors. Councillors will, on occasion, be offered gifts, benefits and hospitality.

The purpose of this policy is to provide clear guidance to councillors on their approach to the acceptance (or otherwise) of gifts, benefits or hospitality from individuals or other entities external to Council.

Read our Councillor Gift Policy.