Peter Dimarelos

Councillor: Olympia ward

You can also contact Cr Peter Dimarelos by post: PO Box 94 Greensborough Victoria 3088.

Please note: councillors cannot help you to get a permit, avoid a fine, or fast-track an application.

I have lived in Banyule all my life and went to primary and secondary school in Ivanhoe. I went on to study marketing and public speaking and now run a local business helping small and mid-size businesses to grow. I am married with 2 children and this led me to take a real interest in the community and run for Council. I have a deep affection for this area and want it to be the best it can be this diverse and vibrant community.

Raising a young family, I have seen how important it is for Council to provide good facilities for the community. There is a need for more mini-parks, playgrounds, and shade sails to cater for the growing number of families that come together and get so much enjoyment from these. Ongoing investment is also needed to upgrade our kindergartens, childcare centres and community hubs, and provide activities for the community. And all this needs to be done with good communication and community collaboration. It is essential that Council strives for integrity, unity, respect and transparency, while providing great value for the community.

Council needs to do all it can to help residents, community groups and businesses through COVID-19, and focus its efforts on community needs. Council rates, fees and charges have to be kept down to help people who are struggling. We also need to develop and implement programs to reduce crime, and address drug, alcohol and gambling problems. Mental health, community wellbeing, and reducing waste are key priority areas. As our population grows, Council needs to make sure we don't lose the things we love so much in postcode 3081 to overdevelopment. We also need to continue to foster inclusiveness and genuine public participation for everyone.