Peter Castaldo

Councillor: Griffin ward

You can also contact Cr Peter Castaldo by post: PO Box 94 Greensborough Victoria 3088.

Please note: councillors cannot help you to get a permit, avoid a fine, or fast-track an application.

I grew up and went to school in Banyule and have lived here for over 30 years. I hold a degree in Civil Engineering and have experience in small business. I lived overseas in London for 6 years and now I'm raising 2 children with my partner in Banyule. Over the years, I've enjoyed volunteering with a range of environmental community groups. Since being elected in 2016, I've been dedicated to my councillor role and worked in a full-time capacity. I enjoy the arts, architecture and gardening, and playing with the kids.

During my first term at Council, we achieved a great deal for the local community and city-wide and I still feel there are many opportunities where we can make a positive difference. I have always been drawn towards the public realm and I am keen to continue to enhance Banyule's beautiful natural and built environment. Spending some time overseas, especially in Europe, I understand the importance of creating attractive public buildings and sustainable spaces that stand the test of time. These places must support and encourage the community to come together, connect and participate. We have a diverse community which should be celebrated. Respecting one another and the environment are some of my key principles.

We need to support the community, particularly to help it get through and come together after COVID-19. As cities grow and our way of life changes, there is even more reliance on Council to be efficient and effective to deliver high-quality services, invest in infrastructure, and plan the cities of tomorrow that continue to meet the diverse needs of our community. All Council actions must consider climate change impacts and support the community to take action too.