Request to speak form

You can use this form to request an opportunity to address Council on an item listed on the council meeting agenda.

If you have questions about this form contact us by calling 9490 4222 or emailing

Request deadline

  • Requests open when the agenda for the next meeting is published - the Wednesday before the council meeting.
  • Requests close at 12 noon the day of the meeting. 


Submitting this form does not guarantee you will speak at a council meeting.

We assess each request received before the deadline, against set criteria and our meeting procedures code.(PDF, 140KB)

If you are not listed to speak as you've requested, we will contact you.


Each request is date and time stamped on receipt and assessed in the order received.

Meeting limits for each agenda item:

  • 3 speakers FOR an item recommendation
  • 3 speakers AGAINST an item recommendation

Meeting limits per person

  • 2 items per council meeting
  • 3 minutes to address Council per item
  • 2 minutes to address Council per item in response to a councillor question

Organisations addressing Council

Organisations need to appoint a spokesperson. Call us to discuss having more than one spokesperson (only possible if permitted by Council).


Details of the meeting will be captured and publicly available.

For any council meeting you speak at, be mindful of personal or sensitive information when addressing Council as

  • Meetings are open to the public and the media may be present
  • Your name will be listed in the published minutes of the meeting
  • Your address to Council will feature in the published audio recording of the meeting (available for 12 months)

For all procedural details of council meetings take a look at our Meeting Procedures Code.(PDF, 140KB)

Personal information you provide by completing this form is managed in line with our privacy policy. 

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