LGBTIQ+ Committee

The LGBTIQ+ Committee provides us with advice and information on access, equity, participation and human rights issues facing the LGBTIQ+ community, and have stewardship of our LGBTIQ+ Action Plan.

Read the full committee terms of reference(PDF, 375KB).


  • Provide feedback and advice on our policies, plans, services and projects that have an impact on LGBTIQ+ communities.
  • Provide advice on government initiatives, programs and reviews that have an impact on LGBTIQ+ communities.
  • Advocate for LGBTIQ+ communities.
  • Help us promote the benefits of diversity and enhance understanding about the barriers to equality facing LGBTIQ+ communities.
  • Provide advice in relation to our communication, engagement and consultation with LGBTIQ+ communities.
  • Monitor the implementation of the LGBTIQ+ Plan.


The committee consists of:

  • up to 15 community and/or organisational members
  • 1 councillor

Representation on the committee will reflect the:

  • diverse range of skills, interests and lived experience with a focus on balance and collective advocacy
  • community demographics
  • geographic diversity of Banyule.

Our staff are not considered members of the committee, but a specific officer is assigned to the committee to provide executive support and will be the key contact for all members.

Community and organisational members

Committee positions are voluntary and may be held for a 2-year term. Representation will be sought from a recruitment process specified in the terms of reference.

The committee will consist of:

  • up to 12 local residents from the LGBTIQ+ community (residents that identify as an ally will also be considered)
  • up to 3 representatives from community organisations, agencies and service providers that focus on local LGBTIQ+ communities.

Current community committee members will be involved in recruitment and selection of organisational appointments.


For more information, contact Myfan Jordan at