Arts and Culture Advisory Committee

The Banyule Arts and Culture Advisory Committee (BACAC) has assisted us in the development and implementation of feasibility studies, plans, policies and frameworks since 2009. The committee also participates in forums, workshops and sub-groups to aid the development of specific projects.

Read the full committee terms of reference(PDF, 265KB).


The committee's primary aim is to provide us with formal consultation and specialist advice from arts industry stakeholders, and to enable community participation in the development of our arts and culture programs as well as heritage planning, policy and development.

Key objectives

  • Work strategically with us to foster, value and promote arts, culture and heritage in our community.
  • Assist in identifying and responding to issues relating to arts, culture and heritage in our community.
  • Provide a consultative body for us on arts, culture and heritage programs, including major events and festivals
  • Make recommendations that relate to use and management of art, cultural facilities and infrastructure.
  • Make recommendations regarding the management and conservation of the Banyule Art Collection.
  • Advocate for arts and cultural development in our community.


The committee consists of:

  • up to 15 community and/or organisational members
  • 2 councillors
  • 1 substitute councillor

Representation on the committee will reflect the:

  • diverse range of interests and experience, providing a balance of perspectives
  • community demographics
  • geographic diversity of Banyule.

Our staff are not considered members of the committee, but a specific officer is assigned to the committee to provide executive support and will be the key contact for all members.

Community and organisational members

Committee positions are voluntary and may be held for a 2-year term. Representation will be sought from a recruitment process specified in the terms of reference.

The committee will consist of:

  • representatives from arts and cultural organisations within and outside of Banyule
  • practicing artists
  • creative industry or skilled professionals relevant to our arts and cultural development.


For more information, contact Hannes Berger at