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Hatch Contemporary Arts Space

Hatch Contemporary Arts Space is Banyule’s premiere art space. The aim of Hatch is to present a range of temporary exhibitions, performances, workshops, poetry readings, and more. Hatch is also a space to showcase the Banyule Art Collection, as well as providing an invaluable space for local artists. Hatch is managed by the Arts and Cultural Services team and relies on the Hatch Advisory Group for programming advice. It is currently programmed intermittently so please check what’s on before planning your next visit.

Location:14 Ivanhoe Parade, Ivanhoe, VIC 3079

Tel: (03) 9457 9851

Postal Address: Claire Watson, Curator, PO BOX 51 Ivanhoe, Victoria, 3079

To hear from us regularly throughout the year about events in Banyule, please send us an email to with the subject heading 'Subscribe'.

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New exhibition Dada Lives! Opens 04/03/15

Dada Lives Lips Detail Image

3 March to 4 April

Dada Lives! is curated by Banyule-based curator Joe Pascoe and features 10 contemporary Australian artists. The exhibition reflects on the influence of Dada, a movement which began in Europe as a reaction to World War 1 and the nationalism and rationalism which many thought had led to war. It rejected traditional aesthetics in favour of irony, humour and destabilising the norm.

The exhibition which Joe describes as reflecting on the past to scare you into the present, honours 100 years since the inception of Dada.

Exhibiting artists include Anonymous, Stephen Benwell, Mark Cain, Anika Cook, Nicholas Jones, William Kelly, Anastasia Klose, Kir Larwill, Elizabeth Liddle, John O’Neil and Stefan Szonyi.

Learn more about the exhibition, and Dada in the exhibition essay written by Joe Pascoe. 


Free Public Events

Celebratory opening event: Wednesday 4 March from 6-8pm. All welcome.
RSVP via the following link.

Dada Circle:  Join our free coffee and cake discussion: Sunday 8 March at 2.30-4pm. All welcome. More information here.

Diving into the Wreck:  We invite you to bring along your unwanted, broken, disused and obsolete belongings to a wrecking room at Hatch for the exhibition Dada Lives! You can either leave the items for others to wreck, or you can enjoy the cathartic experience of destroying them yourself, in the gallery. 
Breakdown is part of the life cycle of consumer culture, preparing us to consume more. But there can also be a productive side to breaking down. Destruction is an integral part of the creative process of living things, inviting renewal and change. Break, destroy, protest, dive into the wreck!
Wrecking: Sunday 8 March, 1-2pm | Followed by coffee and cake
Delivery: Tuesday 3rd – Saturday 7th March, 10-5pm; Sunday 8 March 1pm. More information here

Artist in Residence: Nicholas JONES, who grew up in Ivanhoe and who fashions sculptural works from unwanted books, will be the exhibition’s artist in residence.

Image: John O’Neil, Beetle Lips (detail), 2008, digital print 24 x 36”, courtesy of the artist.

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